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Thread: Server For Sale

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    Server For Sale

    I am looking to sell a server that is
    1U server
    Dual 2.4GHz Intel Xeon processors
    1 GB PC-2100 Ram
    80 GB IDE HDD
    PCI Risers
    Fixed Mount Kit

    purchased from Californal Digital in November of 2003. Never been used, bought for 2024. Looking for sell if for $1600, purchased for $2,024. I have an ebay auction going on

    I also have a 1U server with a single Pentium 2.4 processor 512 PC-2100 Ram 80 GB IDE HD CD-Rom, Fixed mount kit, PCI Riser. I am looking to sell that for $800, bought for $1,145, never used. If you are interested email [email protected]
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    is the auction for the single 2.4 processor one

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    would like to come to an agreement on both boxes, since i need them for testing/project unrelated to the main business. with that said, the pricetag is higher than new quality equivalents. if you are willing to negotiate, give me a call tomorrow on our toll-free please.

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