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    Website Builder 3.0 released today! Get your branded version now and save $

    We've been running a $20 March Madness sale for branded versions of the Website Builder 2.7. We are going to continue that sale price for version 3.0 thru the end of March now. Everyone who's purchased version 2.7 already during the current sale will be provided with a free upgrade to version 3.0

    What's New and Special about 3.0?
    - A smart Projects Wizard which keeps track of the site you're working on and knows where to place your web page support files such as graphics.

    - A complete PHP Command Library with 3074 php commands now available as single-click instant tags as you code.

    - A "User Code Favorites" feature which allows the user to create their own library of their most common used HTML, PHP, JavaScript and other scripting language tags. All of which become single-click instant tags to use while coding your page(s).

    - A new Import feature that's integrated with the Projects Wizard for easily Importing graphics from the over 200 banners and logo images which are included with the program.

    - Single-click access to several MS Windows external programs which are of use to web page coders (MS Paint, Calculator, Explorer, NotePad)

    - A "recent files" menu for reloading a page from the most recently edited files in your Editor.

    - A bottom of the window status bar which will read "Website Builder 3.0 presented by Your Company Name" to keep your company on the mind of users

    - Error trapping to prevent loss of coding data due to unexpected or unintentional program shutdowns.

    See screenshots here:

    Download the demo here:

    That's what's new. Here's a list of the previous features which are all still available:

    Full branding of the software to your company name and placement of your web-banner sized company logo (where the current BanPro NET logo in the demo is) which is a link that will launch the user's default browser to your website.

    With the added FTP client and graphics package (described below) this is a great resource to offer your current and prospective hosting customers who are always searching to stretch their hosting fee dollars.

    - Supports HTML 4.0, PHP, Java and other common web scripting languages
    - Single click instant HTML tags (no need to type them all out)
    - Instant FORMS creation
    - Instant META tags
    - One-click FRAMES creation
    - FTP upload Manager for instant publishing of your pages to the web (can be customized to your server IP)
    - In-depth Help file so even those with little or no knowledge of HTML can create a web page in minutes
    - Hexadecimal HTML color picker
    - Test Browser (WYSIWYG) for previewing your code as you create it

    Also, the Branded Website Builder comes packaged with over 200 pieces of logo and banner (many animated) graphics which may be passed on to your customers as an extra value. They will be free to manipulate and use the clipart in whatever way they wish.

    This software works on all Win95 and above systems. Requires I.E. 5 or above be installed.

    Branded versions will be delivered compiled into a Windows Installer distribution file for your company as well.

    What other hosts have said about this software:
    I've done business with Scott a few times. I have to say he is very professional, friendly and prompt, and I would do business with him again
    This is a cool little tool and he will brand with your co. info.
    Nice incentive!!
    Thanks Scott!

    ...this is a good editor. I can see it used by hosts as a giveaway to their clients.

    Web Hosting, Online Editor, Auction Management

    Again, it's just $20 for branded versions of both the PC software and the Webware build for WHT hosts until March 31st. Test-drive the Webware build here:

    Upgrades for anyone who purchased already during the March Madness sale will be provided for free.

    Upgrades for everyone else will be at a 50% discount from regular sale price. We appreciate our repeat customers.

    Purchases are by PayPal to [email protected] or checks or money orders (contact [email protected] for postal address info), and the branded version will be produced and delivered within hours of payment and receipt of your company URL and logo.

    Once purchased, you are free to give away or sell your branded PC versions to your customers and clients, no additional license fees required. The Webware version may only be used on one single site of your choice, and the source files may not be shared with or sold to others.

    Please feel free to contact me by PM or at [email protected] with any questions or comments you may have.

    Scott Bannon

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    Bug in Webware.

    Places tags at bottom of edit window instead of where cursor is.

    As for this, I would like to purchase it, but have not recieved my new logo yet.

    Couple suggestions on the builder interface...might want to make the one click buttons for the tags a seperate toolbar that can be draged off to the side or left floating. Also, in the demo, I saw that the window sas not resizable? Seems the "maximize" button was grayed out.

    Looks good otherwise..

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    That's not a bug in the Webware version. As described it does place the tag at the current cursor position if you're using IE5+. That function isn't supported in other browsers so a workaround is detailed if you click the "Netscape and other non-IE browser users" link.

    As for the PC GUI, I had though about making the toolbar a floater like that, but my main focus for version 3 was on getting all of the most common requested features from previous customers put in, so that got left aside. It may go into a minor update in the near future (minor updates and patches are always provided free to purchasers).

    The non-resizable window is for your benefit. Since your logo placed onto the Editor is the primary marketing feature, if users could reduce the size of the screen then your logo would either have to be resized too (making it unreadable and carrying less of a visual impact), or cut out all together depending on how small the user makes the window. Users can minimize the window freely, but you're correct it will not resize.

    If you're not sure you'll have the logo by the end of this sale, you can order during the sale (to still save $19 from the regular price) and I'll hold off on making your version for you until your graphics are ready. I've done this for other customers during past sales here and it's no problem at all.

    Scott Bannon
    BanPro NET - stable & secure web services since 2000

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    Ooops...forgot I was using firefox when testing bad..duh..

    Find myself using it more and more over IE the tabs....can have all my support pages open in one window..w00t.

    Anyway...yeah, order on the way..

    Ok...just sent you a payment...$20.

    I'll give you a heads up when I get my logo, etc. Thanks.
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    Thanks for the purchase. I emailed you regarding the graphics and you can get in touch whenever your logo is ready.

    That tag placement at cursor position is the only feature that I couldn't get to be 100% cross-browser, and of all the options I found, the non-IE browser work-around seemed the best for now.

    I have some ideas for future versions which may handle this, but they all require porting the Webware Companion to something other than a php/javascript program, so there are server side compatibility and load issues which need to be explored before I go down that road.

    Thanks again,
    Scott Bannon
    BanPro NET - stable & secure web services since 2000

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