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    Need a logo? $15 offered

    I need a corporate type of logo. I need a logo that says CLS. It will be in a blue background... so, white or black letters would work. I will paypal $15 for the best looking logo. I will choose one by the end of today. Thanks.

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    Here is my entry, stuff can be added or taken away upon request

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    Talk to me on AIM: Emcee 2nyce i can make a custom one to fit your description

    -Jae A

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    I can tweak it, but the requirements were rather simple.

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    My logo has been updated.

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    It would help if we knew what we were designing it for... the exact color of the blue it will be going on, and some inspiration examples.

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    I have found someone to do my logo. Thank you all for your time.

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