Im thinking of installing a Volano Chat java system.

Sun Java 2 SDK HotSpot Server VM version 1.4.2
500-MHz Intel Pentium III processor
256 MB of RAM
20 GB hard drive with 100 MB of free disk space

Bandwidth usage (based on 1,000 connections a day):

Total connections: 1,000 per day
Chat messages transferred: 13.77 megabytes per day
Average inbound bandwidth: 5.95 kilobits per second
Average outbound bandwidth: 10.56 kilobits per second
Maximum inbound bandwidth: 11.55 kilobits per second
Maximum outbound bandwidth: 20.35 kilobits per second

My dedicated server meets those requirements by a mile.

Please, tell me if the server will slow down noticebly because of Volano Chat and Java Hotspot server?