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    Stupid Questions number 1 & 2

    Question 1

    How do you do recurrent billing? Some control software such as WHM Autopilot is set up to bill on a monthy basis, but CCard processors also offer recurrant billing. Is it best to leave your own software to the task, or your CCard processor? Which is more secure? More reliable? More Flexible?

    Question 2

    Also, when someone signs up for a monthly account, do you do your recurrent billing on their "aniversary" date? Bill them again every month on the same day.

    Or do you move them to another date and just prorate the difference, so you do all your billing on say, the first monday of every month. Batch billing seems like it would have administrative advantages.

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    I would suggest having your own software do it. If you have your gateway (cc processor) do it, your going to still have to go into your accounting software and apply payments and such, 2x the work

    It doesn't really make a difference either way, you should sit down your accountant and figure out which way will work best for you. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    We bill just whenever they come on - that is per our business plan. It sort of helps, a little money coming in through-out the month.

    We are going to be using Helm & we have built in our own billing system. And this way we are notifed as well as Helm when a CC is declined via the LinkPoint API.

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    I use WHM Autopilot with paypal and 2 checkout and it will set it up for you in paypal but you will have to manually go into some CC processor like 2CO and set the packages up there to match the ones in Autopilot and then when they order that package it will automatically rebill. I also just rebill them on the Anniversary dates, easier that way for me.
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    For our own merchant billings, we bill on the 1st of each month which has worked out great for us.

    However, in terms of Web hosts - we have Web hosting merchants who bill on an anniversary basis and ones that bill all on the same day each month.

    It really comes down to personal preference on your part. Some Web hosts like to see payments come in throughout the entire month and other folks prefer to have one master billing day each month.

    With respect to the "how" part of your question - a lot of folks use Web hosting/billing packages such as WHMAP, ModernBill, ClientExec and

    It is also possible to utilize the built-in recurring billing capability that comes included with certain payment accounts, especially if you setup accounts manually or already have the other components already in place and don't want to use an "off the shelf" billing package. - Trusted Merchant Account Solutions since 1998
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