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    High End System for sale

    I have brand new system (got it 11 days ago) and dont think i need a system like this.

    17" LCD (BLACK) Princeton Graphics
    Microsoft Wireless Pro Keyboard and Optical Mouse
    Veo Webcam

    Specs of the system

    - Intel PERLK Motherboard (with 1Gigabit ethernet built in)
    - Pentium 4 3.0Ghz 800Mhz Bus Hyperthreading
    - 2GB of RAM DDR 400 PC3200 (By VT)
    - Creative Audigy 2 ZS 24 BIT
    - ATI Radeon 9600 128MB RAM AGP Card
    - Sony 6.0/4.7GB DVD-RW (Dual Media + and -)
    - Samsugg 16X DVD-ROM
    - Serial ATA 120GB Harddrive 8MB
    - Antec Case with Antec 400W Power Supply.

    CPU is not OEM, it's box version.The only OEM is Harddrive, DVD ROM and DVD Writter, everything else is retail box.

    without the LCD monitor is $1150

    thius system have better specs than and way cheaper (500 bucks cheaper)

    PS. all warranty cards still unfilled yet, so still have full warranty.


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    If you are located at Dallas/FW you can drop by and pick it up, save shipping

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    these are some awesome specs. how much did it cost from the online store you got it from originally

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    1799 excluding shipping

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    Edit : LCD screen is SOLD.

    So left the system for $1150

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