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    [Site For Sale]ExposedJournal - Blog Hosting

    Here is a huge opportunity for someone interested in developing a high profile web service. is a Blog hosting provider. The site is running a PHP/MySQL application that is a slightly modified version of NewLife Blogger ( A list of features that are currently available and a list of features that were planned are available here:

    Blogging is set to take off dramatically in 2004 ( Here's your chance to jump on board. The site is fully functional as is. There are currently 79 members.

    Starting bids at $200 for, the site design and PHP code.

    Post your offers in this thread or by PM.

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    any advanced members?

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    The site was never opened for advanced members... so there is no current revenue with this site.

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    Thank you for the bid ewdi.. you are the current high bidder.

    I will accept bids until 5PM Eastern Time tommorow.

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