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    Lightbulb Flash Animation Showcase, show us your creations here!

    Show everyone what you got! I'll start off with a couple of my own Flash creations.

    The first one is an intro I created for a website I'm desiging for a Chinese Restaurant called the May flower. I'm also building a Flash animated map for the May Flower which you can zoom in and out of. The intro is hosted on Geocities, but the May Flower will have it's own domain name and site soon.

    The next one is a simple Flash intro and webpage I created for

    Looking forward to seeing your work listed here!

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    167 (i didnt do it completely but worked on it with 2advanced) - a demo of the new version of my portfolio. i've been meaning to redesign it for a year but havent had the time
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    Nice work MG315, I especially like the site.

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    Moved to reviews. Please learn to read forum descriptions and even more so the forum rules.

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    That's some great work you've done MG315! I bet you get tons of PM's on WHT!

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