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    Snapname's Snapback bunch of b*ll*cks

    For such an expensive service you get f*ck all I backordered a sh*t domain which was expiring today and it still couldnt snap it, I basically bought the service because I was after a domain but the owner renewed in redemtion period.... But it failed to catch me which made me realise the service is a bunch of cr*p... I bought the unlimited exchange limit for $79 and now it says I've reached my limit and wont let me exchange, so I'm still stuck with even though someone has it for at least a year.....

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    $79 ? i think its $69 for unlimited exchanges.

    are you sure u got it directly from snapnames or via a reseller?

    might got tricked by a reseller or so.

    btw snapnames isn't the best option out there if you need a name you need to backorder it everywhere
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