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    Pick Protec, ********, or Mysitesonline?

    These are my finalists for an ASP.NET host. This is a volunteer effort for a non-profit charitable Buddhist temple so funds are very limited, which means nice places like ActiveHost, Crystal Tech, ASPWebhosting, ORCS, etc. are out.


    We're going to set up e-comm to accept donations and eventually sell Buddhist supplies. Cc processing (online and card present) will be handled by ECHO-Inc. through their generous non-profit program.

    Would you have any opinions on the 3 finalists that will help me to make a good decision on picking a host this week? Thanks very much for your help.

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    While waiting for feedback, try using the seach function here in the forum.
    Type co. name in the box and any past,present feedback will result.
    In the meantime though, I would highly recommend sending off some pre-sales emails to all your choices and then evaluate again.

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    Sorry about that.

    ******** had a few negative feedback from '02 and no positive feedback (at least I didn't find any) recently.

    Protec has many industry recognitions and its operator is an active WHT member contributing to all kinds of questions. But its price is a tad over my budget. It may be a good host to upgrade to.

    I plan to go with MySitesOnline because of the good reviews I could find on WHT and the price - currently having a 20% promo. I just used their live assistance. I chatted with Sam, who seemed knowledgeable and professional. Plus MySitesOnline will start supporting SQL Server 2000, which is a plus.

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