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    remote ODBC connections

    Hi, I am wondering if there are web hosts that allow you to remotely connect to your database remotely from your home computer. My website is scripted in php and relies on a backend mysql database.

    I need to extract data from my web database on a daily basis. Currently, the way I do this is using phpAdmin, which requires I use a web browser, and perform repetitive task of exporting the data to a csv file that I can import into the mysql database running at my local machine at home.

    What I really want to do is be able to run a program on my Windows based desktop (from home) which can extract the specific data I need with one click of a button. This would be no problem if I happened to be running my own webserver on my LAN at home, but I am not. My web site is hosted my a commercial web host.

    I was hoping I could connect to the database on my web host using a standard ODBC connection string, just as I could if the database happened to reside on my LAN. But my understanding is that this may not be possible because most web hosts block port 3306 (mysql's TCP port)

    Any ideas here?

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    I'd suggest contacting your host. If you have a static IP address at your home PC, perhaps they will set up their firewall to allow MySQL connections from your IP addy.

    Good luck.

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    I just contacted several web hosts about this, and so far, all have told me they block TCP port 3306 globally for all customers. They all state security reasons as the main concern.

    So I'm wondering if I'm out of luck here. I would have guessed that the functionality I desire should be something other people may want. Does everybody just manually grab all their data from their mysql databases using phpMyadmin or something? Doesn't that get frustrating if you have to do this on a daily basis?

    Is their any other alternative, other than me having to setup and administer my own local webserver on my Lan?

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    I don't see why any host would not allow you to do this.

    As long as you allow access on your side to the IP of your site on thier server there should be now issues. We have a few customers that do it now, wasnt hard to setup at all.

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