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    Free Owned vBulletin.

    Free Owned vBulletin.

    Thats right!

    Im looking to waste and kill my time.

    Im looking to give big forums free vBulletins! heres the catch if you dont want it dont reply please .

    1. Must be Admin.
    2. Must have ftp to make updates
    3. Im a nice guy i help a lot and im a big poster.

    In months to come or maybe weeks i will buy more things the forum needs such as Hivemail or Photopost.

    Your forums needs to have at least 800 Members and 25,000 Posts

    Thank you!

    Dont wanna post ya url ? Pm me.

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    wow thats very kind of you wish i had a site that big

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    Im willing to take smaller long as the forum gets a lot of posts per day

    Thanks Tom.

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    Now... how do we know these aren't warez copies, because Owned VB costs a hell of a lot to be giving away for free.
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    Ill ask the mods to check this out if you like.

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    Are you giving full access to the vbulletin's support area? Or you are giving out free to use. I am assumming it is NOT free to own.
    Wanted forums with members and traffic.
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    I am hoping to open a new community - I already have a domain and hosting on a dedicated server that I am managing. Are you interested? I also have a valid license for a vbulletin skin and agree to all your terms.

    It's a good name - and will really grow *fingers crossed. Waiting 4 dns u update, interested?

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    PM Me, I would like to convert to vBulletin on one of my sites, 6xx members growing 1-10 a week, established, in magazines, and known.

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    Anyone eles ?

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    Okey got a few pms but yet none what im asking for.

    still not taken.

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    Had offers none over 25,000 posts tho.

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    A very big game, a very big forum. Care to sponser the community?

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