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    87 - transfering the domains???


    I searched 'registrar problem'. i got lot of posts on (atleast there are some more people like me...)

    i have been trying to transfer my two domains from them since 1st of this month. one of them expires on 19th of may.

    No matter how many times i resubmitted the transfer requests, clicking the links on emails, nothing is happening :-(

    (the domain that is going to expire is more than 60 days time, so that is not the reason for failures, NOT locked)

    I went thru all the posts and found out these solutions:

    =Stay with them
    =deal with them thru the lawyer
    =report thru
    =ICANN report (they don't do much)

    Any more suggestions or more importantly if you faced the same problem with them, how you managed to transfer from them?

    Any suggestions would be appreciated.


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    They are notorious for denying valid domain transfers. I would contact ICANN and also let them know you are turning them in. The person in charge there is definately not who started it and is quite a jerk.

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    I'm having the same problems with a domain name I have registered there, I swear I'm just gonna let the domain run out and promise myself not to deal with them in the future.

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    Thanks for your opinions.

    I gave two emails yesterday and just waiting for their response. May be they will wait till 19th of this month and gonna say that 60 days before expiration are not eligible for transfers.

    I tried to transfer last year itself, but they didn't approve it. Same problem this year.

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    I made the mistake of thinking they didn't approve the transfer because the domain expired in 2 months time .. fortunately for me I can still threaten them with a chargeback.

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    I swear I'm just gonna let the domain run out and promise myself not to deal with them in the future.
    I hope my solution is going to be simple like yours. But my two domains are 1/3rd of my online ventures. I can't let them expire :-(

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    I think they are feeling the shrink and are trying to stem the loss of clients.(bad business)
    Domain Maven

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    I'm having similar problems with one of their resellers, who changed his TOS in January to include these rules for getting a domain name transferred:

    If the domain name is eligible for transfer, the registrant of the
    domain name must provide us with the following:

    1. The domain name to be transferred, correctly spelled.
    2. Your user name.
    3. The last 4 numbers of the credit card you used to register the domain name, or a valid picture ID.
    4. A letter of intent to transfer the domain name naming the ICANN registrar you wish to transfer your domain name to (SIGNED AND NOTARIZED)
    5. Processing fees of $15.00 per domain in the form of a money order or cashiers check, made payable to
    That's from DOMAINSNEXT.COM, one of their resellers. Even though their own TOS for resellers states that resellers will use the ITSYOURDOMAIN.COM TOS, Brian Ford from ITSYOURDOMAIN.COM has stated that DOMAINSNEXT.COM is "one of their largest resellers" and has some kind of special arrangement.

    My dealings with ITSYOURDOMAIN.COM have been cordial, as they will at least respond to me. DOMAINSNEXT.COM won't even do me the courtesy of a reply.

    We should all join ICANN and agitate for a change in the rules. The abuse of consumers that is happening in the domain name business will only continue.

    The thing I'm wondering is if by holding our domain registration "hostage", they aren't in effect causing irrepairable harm to the value of the domain name. I will end up either paying the $28 or so in fees to DOMAINSNEXT.COM and suing them in small claims court, or let the domain names go. That's a loss of potential value, but I don't know if the courts would recognize that.

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    everyone wants to keep their market share of domains seems to be.

    atleast you can do the paper work and pay a fee and go out! but for totalnic even snail mail bounce back and you can NEVER go out!
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    Its true and all of their resellers are engaged in wholesale extortion. ICANN should put them out of business. My requests for auth codes for transfers are all ignored. Their $15 fee to leave is also an outrage that ICANN should never stand for. Over time their own scummy practices will put them out of business but in the meantime a lot of people are getting ripped off.

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    But I thought ICANN Accredited Registrars were the only way to go? <- mild sarcasm!

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    I don't believe those are resellers of Itsyourdomain. I believe they are all from the same company and itsyourdomain is using them to avoid people transferring names from them.

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    ItsYourDomain reseller

    I could use my domainsnext account, one notorious reseller of ItsYourDomain, to directly log into the ItsYourDomain domain manager menu.

    All they do is to add a query parameter to the one domain manager they have to customise it slightly for their resellers. It took me 3 months to transfer away from them

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    for the past 2 weeks I have tried to get 1 domain transfered away from
    All attempts (3 so far, started a 4th...) got canceled without reason. mydiscountdomains does not answer and itsyourdomain is obviously not pressing their reseller very hard...
    They are both involved in the same scheme, just need to see the similarity of the control panel. (try type in password, login, you will access both accounts... proof they are hand in hand...)
    I will contact ICANN, but it is very disturbing to see that they can just act like pirates!
    Is there something that can be done? Except send a nuke
    If we all write to icann maybe they will move.
    It is too easy to push responsability on reseller.
    Good luck to all of you,

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