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    Help a friend out!

    Hey guys! I am having some problems with my mic and in the past it worked great, this is the message I get when I try and chate over msn with the mic

    "Your computer, Internet provider, or network may not support audio conversations or video conferences."

    Am I missing a driver or something for the audio? even though my sound works fine

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    Wasn't this happening to someone else on WHT a few days ago? What is your ISP?
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    Try the voice chat with Yahoo and see if it gives you the same message.

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    Did you recently update MSN Messenger? Maybe your firewall is blocking the port msn uses for audio/video...

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    I don't have a firewall enabled but I do have a router, might that be causing the problem?

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    I got it fixed, just had to configure some options for the sound, thanks guys

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    YES its happening on AIM!!!

    I cant use VOICE ANY MORE!!!!!!!!! I havent changed anything!!!!!!!!

    I even tried taking my firewall down (I got latest update of blackice) I took that down and still nothing............

    This is very starnge.....It just wont connect when i init a voice session and same for the perosn im trying 2 connect to......

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    You using a router?

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