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    Very Cheap Quality Hosting!

    This is very cheap and quality hosting!!!

    The only way i would do free hosting is if you were to get 2 customers and you would get the Professional Package for ever no cost at all but remember you have to get 2 customers for me then i will give you the hosting

    Beginner Package: 200MB - 3/Month
    Intermidiate: 350MB - 5/Month
    Professional: 650MB - 7/Month
    Extreme: 1GB - 10/Month

    As you can see the prices are in 's ( Pound Sterling ) but if are from the US and want to purchase some hosting then please contact me and we will sort a price out as we would need to do a currency convert.

    For more information on what you get with each package then please feel free to browse my website at:

    Also if you want to purchase the hosting then either contact me on [email protected] ( my MSN account and Email ) or [email protected] ( another Email ) And i do have AIM if anyone wants to chat, that is L337Rick. You won't be able to purchase any hosting from the website as im in the middle of making the order system which should be up very soon so either PM me MSN, Email Or AIM so we can chat.

    Thankyou for your time
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