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    Gotta love it...

    We discovered last week that a couple of our users on our servers were offering a pirated bundle of products. After verifying the products were from other companies and that the users did not have rights to be offering them, we contacted all of our clients (in case our resellers were hosting someone doing the same) and advised them of the bundle, that they were pirated, and they should immediately stop offering them. Any account found to be offering this bundle was to be terminated in 24 hours.

    One of the users offering this product was furious because they had spent quite a bit of money purchasing the products legally and that if the original creators wanted to go after someone they should go after the person he bought from. We apologized but said we had to stay firm in a case such as this to protect ourselves and our other clients. We also invited them to check out the creators' sites to verify for themeselves that they shouldn't be offering the products.

    They decided to switch hosting companies. This is the icing on the cake...we just received an email from this user with a list (from the website) of what steps should be taken to properly notify of copyright infringement/piracy and that we should keep it in mind 'before chasing customers away'

    Guess it was our mistake being pro-active instead of waiting for the companies to contact us screaming LOL

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    I probably would have done the samething. You were protecting your company. How did you know that they weren't doing it purposely? It's not your job to make sure your clients purchase legit software ...
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    Why would they switch hosting companys? It's not like any other company is going to allow them to host pirated software (hopefully).

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    Then that person is someone else's problem. You should be happy. I just hope (s)he doesn't inflict that on another host here.
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    Professionally handled. Congrats. I think you did it just right. It is not your job to do the final judging and you have to protect your assetts.
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