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    Question Erk. Custom Scrolling for iframes?

    I'm going to have a personal website soon. While I'm waiting for the payment to go through, I started working on my website. It has large image, with two iframes, one for content, one for navigation, both overlapping the image.

    When I try to load a page into the content frame I get an ugly scrollbar on the right side. I have already used the scrolling="auto" tag but if the page I try to load is too big for the iframe, the cursed scrollbar comes up which looks horrible on my layout.

    My question is: Is there JavaScript or DHTML where I can have two images outside the iframe and each one either scrolls the Iframe content up or down then you click on them?

    I'm sorry if that all seems a bit confusing.

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    no, you can't customize scrollbars. only in IE 6 you can change colors, but you can't do more.

    ..and why would you want to use iframes anyway?

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    Heh, I forgot I posted this here. ^^;; I already found a way around it so I don't need help anymore. The thing is with a coloured scrollbar is that I run a Mac, I can't see coloured scrollbars.

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