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    Web site design need it - Time is a issue.


    here it goes.

    I have very short time frame here.

    like 48 hours or so.

    The web site I need is for small company, they are selling wooden floor.

    The site will be VERY simple.

    Total like 5-6 pages (include contact form). There will also be pop up option when somebody select to see specific wood (there is 12 kind of wood).

    I need somebody to make me something good, something that will be good looking but easy, cause they are very short on material for the web site (only 3 pages with company info and with with specification regarding the floor's they are selling)

    Logo is also need, colors and everything is free of choice. No rules there.

    And ofcourse, and there is a time issue

    It must be done in next 48 hours.

    Please let me know on PM as soon as possibly.

    I am willing to pay a bit extra cause of the time issue.


    Flash, after this 48 hours there will be time to make some flash on the web (menu or something). Ofcourse will pay extra for this.

    Please let me know on PM or via email link.

    Thank you all.

    Best regards,

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    What would be your budget for this job ?

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    We at Project Modules design services (Pmod for short) are very interested in our project. We can meet your deadline if you choose us. I have listed some of my concerns below and I look forward to hearing from you.

    First and biggest question. What is your budget? I would expect a half decent amount of money for a 48 hour timeframe. Any designer would want a little extra money because they will have to work hard to meet a 48 hour deadline. PM me with your budget and if you have aim your screenname or your email address. Get back to me soon! This years portfolio is at
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    budget issue.

    Well guys, honestly there is no some limit.. Ofcourse I have some amount on my mind, but would pay more if I see good work in portfolio.

    I understand that time issue is a pressure, but that's how it is.

    As I told you, I need it done in 48 hours, but I also expect that you give me quote.

    Will send PM to all guys who contact me already.

    Will post here, when I choose somebody, so that you all know it's be under work already and save time with new offers.


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    hi i'm intered! i'm willing to designed it in 48 hours..

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    We quoted you. You can see our website at We can get it done within your time frame, and within your budget.

    Get in touch with us if you're interested.

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    Check out some templates I made:

    Tell me what you think, thanks.
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