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    Rare high quality template from Ionplex!

    Hi there everyone,

    I tried selling this template about a month ago, but the person who agreed to buy it pulled out, so I'm putting it up again.

    We normally don't sell templates as all of our work is completely custom. However for this one, the client needed something different than what we had agreed first so basically to cut a long story short, we are selling this template as it's not needed by us anymore. This template will only be sold once and you can do whatever you wish with it at the end.

    The template is available here:

    What you will receive:

    2 PSD's (homepage and internal)
    2 coded html pages

    Ofcourse like many templates you see in these forums, we are willing to make slight changes to this template. These include colour changes, text changes, link changes and logo insertion.

    We have a list of additional services reduced significantly in relation to this template (all reduced half price):

    - Logo development: $100
    - Flash intro development: $200 (please get in touch if you want recent examples of flash work as our portfolio is pretty dated)
    - Turning this "template" into a full site of less than 10 pages: $150

    Price: We will entertain offers in the $500 range for this template.

    Please remember that a full custom website from us normally costs in the reigon of $2000 so whoever buys this will be getting a good high quality bargain, especially if you are able to add on the additional services.

    This template is perfect for either an upstart hosting company who wishes to start off by being "different" with a professional high quality website at the start or the more established host who may just be looking for a face-lift.

    Please email me at [email protected] with your offer, I will post here once I have accepted an offer which I find suitable.

    Similarly, if you have any questions, you can either post here or email me.

    We are also now taking on custom webdesign work, so please get in touch if you would like to see some of our newer work which isn't fully completed yet.

    Thanks and take care - high quality web solutions

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    Great Template

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    really nice!

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    Shame this is such a high price I would have seriously considered it.

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