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    Question What servers hardware should I buy? SQL+PHP

    Ok this is my setup

    I am sepperating the SQL and WEB to 2 different servers (2 X 1U)

    1) linux runing apach + PHP + freedts
    2) windows server 2003\2002 + MS SQL server.

    What hardware should I take ? I will have many useres and very entensve SQL proccess!!!!
    I was thinking of going to P4 for the linux and dual Xenon for the DB.

    This is price porpusel I got , what do you think ? should I change something ?
    Any tips and recommendation for pricing and configuration will be very helpful.



    Dual 2.4Ghz Intel Xeon Socket 604 CPUs, 512K L2, 533mhz FSB
    HyperTreading enabling Quad Xeon Logical Processors
    SuperMicro X5DPA-TGM Dual Socket 604 Server Board
    Intel E7501 533mhz FSB Server Chipset
    Crucial 2048M ECC Registered DDR-266 PC-2100
    2pcs Western Digital 80-Gig SATA-150, 7200rpm, 8-Meg
    3Ware Escalade 8006-2 Hardware SATA RAID Controller
    Dual NICs: Intel Gigabit (1000/100/10) + Intel 100/10
    ATI Rage video, 8M
    24x Slim CD-ROM, 1.44M Floppy Drive
    SuperMicro SC811i-350 1U Rack-Mount Case
    SuperMicro 1U 350-watt Power Supply
    Heavy Duty Sliding Rail Mounting Kit Included

    Intel Pentium IV 2.8Ghz version 'C' Processor, 800mhz FSB, 512K L2
    HyperThreading (HT) Enabling Dual P4 Logical Processors
    Microstar MS865GM2-LS Main Board, Intel 865 Chipset
    1024M Dual Channel DDR-400 PC-3200
    Dual Western Digital 80G Serial ATA-150, 8-Meg Buffer
    OS software RAID-1
    Dual 100/10 NICs
    24x Slim CD-ROM, 1.44M Floppy Drive
    SuperMicro SC811 1U Rack-mount Chassis
    SuperMicro 250watt 1U Power Supply
    Heavy-Duty Mounting Rail/Bracket Kit included

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    it has the raid feature built in with the board...the config looks good to me.
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    Stay away from the Supermicro built in raid functionality as well as far away from the software raid, both will slow your system down and are unsuitable for mission critical raid operations. Your first setup sounds fine with the 3rd party raid controller, and dual processors will help out tremendously with your databases. But if raids important for the second setup I would say away from software raid. carrier grade colocation at a affordable price!
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    I think you maybe have to think about SCSI for your SQL intensive read/write can make you SATA CPU expensive. RAID ATA hardware is good for security but nothing beats SCSI for security and perfomance.
    If you really want perfomance go for SCSI RAID for the SQL and ATA RAID for the webserver.

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