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    Care to comment ?

    Hey guys.

    Would be great to have your input on my site . Constructive comments most appreciated !

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    Nicely done.

    You may want to make the amount of space at the bottom of your pages consistent in size (some have small white space, some have lotsa white space).

    Upon clicking your Sign Up button, it opens up in a new browser pop up. Any reason for this? Plus the sign up page doesn't have the nav bar.
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    nice and original. good job.

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    The font in the footer seems all screwed up. I don't know what it is, but it just looks all distorted.

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    I would look at speeding it up a bit - perhaps loose some of your nested tables and optimize the graphics a tad more. Took a little while to load and i'm sitting on a gig-e

    looks good, but you should have a blazing fast site for being a web hosting company

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    Thanks guys for the comments.... i figured having a popup page for the signup would be better so.....

    Its hosted in my country (Singapore) which might explain the not-so-blazing-fast speeds you all get

    Cheers ill go look at what i can do with the site... anymore ideas ?

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