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    Real Estate Design Needed

    I am in need of a design for a real estate agent. I have looked at the ones on TemplateMonster and do not care for any of the ones listed. This design does not need any flash or heavy graphics. This also needs to be a pretty generic realtor page. The agent i am dealing with does not want futuristic graphics of pictures of skyscrapers as she does home sales only. I would like to see something with css so the agent could change font colors, etc if she would like.

    No backend work needs to be done, i will be writing the database side of it. I just need the "pretty" front end.

    I have a budget of $300. Please email me portfolios, examples, etc. I do have a few sites i like the look of but do not want exact copies.

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    We can help


    We have uploaded our sample realty design for your evaluation here.

    You have there the splash page and then the homepage and subpage.

    Thank you very much for your time.

    We understand that our designs are not watermarked, but we trust that your will respect us.

    Thank you very much.

    I help entrepreneurs develop online branding. I value my clients and build relationships. I am a friend.
    Let me assist you with your website design, logo design and other graphics needs.
    Ganah Solutions, a brand creation agency. Solidify your brand. Connect your business.

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    I have done a few real estate designs in the past and they can be seen here.


    My portfolio can be seen here:

    If you would like to talk about this further, please contact me via pm.


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    UPDATE: I am not ignoring you guys, I am browsing over the choices and was waiting to see if there were any other options before making my decision.

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    BTW, the second one from prelude785 is more like the type i was looking for.

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    Please take a look around .

    contact me if you are interedted.

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    a real estate site we did is let me know if this interstes you via pm.


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    PixelDot can help.

    My contact is: mdurrant [at] or use the PM system if you're interested.

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    Check out some of my recent work:

    What do you think? I can design your site for $300... I can show you more work if you'd like...

    CEO Pixabit, Inc.

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    Dear Schuchert,

    My company is Neat Focus ( and we design simple/effective websites and it seems like that's what you're going for with this design. We never create pages with heavy flash or big graphics so pages load quickly, no matter what connection the visitor is on. We don't clutter websites so they're easy for the viewers to read and use.

    Some examples of our work:

    You mentioned you wanted it in CSS. We code all pages using XHTML/CSS so customizing it will be no problem.

    Our price range is a bit higher than your budget, but we've done projects for that price as long as we were allowed to have a small text link that says "Design by Neat Focus" at the bottom. I'm not sure if you want to do that, so let me know if it's a problem. Otherwise, $300 is fine as long as the small text link is included.

    If you have any questions, please let me know (my email: [email protected]). Thanks for your time.
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    Ive come up with a quick entry. Its nothing special but i belive you wanted something simple and effective.


    James Talbot
    James Talbot
    E-Mail - [email protected]

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    Thanks for the replies i will be looking over these today.

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    Re: Real Estate Design Needed

    Originally posted by Schuchert
    I am in need of a design for a real estate agent. I have looked at the ones on TemplateMonster and do not care for any of the ones listed. This design does not need any flash or heavy graphics.
    they do have non-flash version as well

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    Yes, but most are very heavy on graphics. The agent just wants a simple html site that loads quickly. I suggested one with css so she could change colors.

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    thanks guys. I made a decision and have contacted the party. I will keep this bookmarked if i need to do another agent site in the future.

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