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    Rate My Website: Its Fun

    My site has jokes, funny videos and will have an online games section. Seeing as i have 2 post 5 times before i can post html just copy and paste my website into your address bar:


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    Not bad for a personal site although the million popups from clicking on one of the links was rather annoying.
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    not bad, not good. looks a little cluttered. you should get rid of the cursor trail, it's annoying.

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    Meh its ok.

    I agree loss the cursor tail. And i dont see the need to Search from your site. If any thing, have the search, seach your own site, which you can do with the google seach.


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    i am thinking about shooting you right now lol
    I Clicked the "DO NOT CLICK ME LINK"
    [By accident!!!!]

    oh my god.. why would you do that?

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