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    cpanel/whm down ?


    in one of my server cpanel/whm down :


    [email protected] [/etc/init.d]# ./cpanel start
    Starting eximstats: [ OK ]
    Starting cPanel services: [ OK ]
    Starting WebMail services: [FAILED]
    Starting pop3 services: [ OK ]
    Starting cPanel Chat services:
    Starting Melange Chat services:
    Starting cPanel ssl services: [ OK ]
    Starting Web Host Manager services: [FAILED]
    Starting mailman services: Starting Mailman's master qrunner.


    how can i do ?


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    Take a look at the cpanel support forums, there is a lot of things coming up recently for you to read up on.

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    If you have auto-update on, then its likely that CPanel/WHM updated to version 9.1.0 to address a security issue. If it has updated, then you'll need to manually kill whostmgrd,cpaneld,and webmaild so cpsrvd can bind to the their respective ports.

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    We had this same problem a couple of days ago. cprsvd manually restarted after about 20 minutes or so though. Try a reboot and you should be alright.
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    i have done this :

    rm -f /usr/local/cpanel/cpanel

    but :

    webmail failed


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