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Thread: Gowebman?

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    I had no luck with finding reviews/opinions on

    I'm looking for a reliable Chicago colo, which is just as Gowebman located at Equinox. Seems like I'll go with as they have many positive reviews. Have you had some good experience with any other Equinox Chicago based company?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Not sure about Equinix, but I know there are some other Chicago providers including cihost and . I hear not so good things about cihost but I think the verdict is still out on - they seem good though based on some recommendations.

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    Ive been looking at them myself - you cant really go wrong with equinix

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    equinix is only a datacenter how can it affect the network.... u can have williams/yipes @ equinix..... what then!

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    overall equinix is a good place to have a server in, who you plug into within the facility obviously would affect your speed, etc. but overall equinix is a great datacenter.

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