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    what does it mean?

    MySQL Databases 1 or 2...etc..

    What is it? I usually see it on the sites of any hosting company. If I set up a forum like phpbb on my site, how many MySQL Databases I need ?

    Please help,

    Thanks a lot

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    Most good hosting comes with at least 1 MySQL database. You can use this for multiple applications.

    phpBB will create tables within your DB with a 'phpbb_' prefix from what I remember, this way it won't overwrite any existing tables or info already in there.

    If you have access to multiple DB's you could create one specifically for phpBB also....

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    Sorry, it is a dump question,

    So if I wite my website by PhP language, does it affect my forum ? Are they related ?
    Some hosting companies offer MySQL databases : 2 or more . Is it good or not? it is for what ?


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    You are able to use PHP without any database like mySQL.

    If you have more than 1 database you are able to make one database for your forum and one database for your foto script and so on (just an example).

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    Multiple Databases are good if you prefer to keep your applications (forums, shopping cart, etc) separate; I wouldn't say it's absolutely neccesary, though.

    Just make sure if you install more than one application to the same database that you assign them each a prefix (phpbb_, store_, etc).
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