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    Can you help me in Simpsons Hit and Run

    in lisa's level, the mission is to find bart in a ship. i can't seem to find a way to board the ship. i've been circling it but can't find the entrance.


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    I'm sorry but i find it funny that this is your first post on a Web Hosting Forum.

    I suggest you go post this in a gaming forum, where I can guarantee you will get much better results.

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    lol Invision... Give the poor guy a break! I mean, what are you supposed to do if you can't board the ship!!! :: coming soon

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    LOL this is an odd first post at a web hosting forum but anyways.

    when you talk to the sea captain (after destroying the limo) drive straight toward the the tables and chairs on the end of the dock (drive toward the sun don't follow the road). if you go to the end of the dock thean turn right you'll see there a jump you use to get on the boat. you'll break through the GLOBEX sign on the side. once you're on boat stop at the top of the ramp in front of the ichy and scratchy posters. get out and on foot jump up on the right side of the posters. you should be able to find bart from there.

    I don't know what what console or pc you have but here's the walkthrough for the gamecube version. it's all the same really. only thing that changes are the cheats.

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