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    Seeking Pay Per Incident Server Tech

    I am in need of an individual who can help me when a question arises that I cannot figure out with my server. The help I will need will vary but begin with configuring backups/mount unmount drives, securing the server properly, recovering mysql databases, file ownership issues which are causing customers quotas to include the backup drives files, spam blocking, etc.

    It is a cpanel server and I will need the support through either email, messenger, chat or U.S. phone. I will not allow login to my server so the position entails simply walking me through the problem via the above contact methods.

    Unfortunately todays server management companies are too pricey for me. I am expecting to pay in the neighborhood of $10.00-$20.00 per incident and will only pay via paypal.

    Please PM me if this interests you.

    Thank you

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    Best of luck.
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    PM thelinuxguy / phpdeveloper on board, they are great guys!

    They are reputable on WHT, therefore if you wish to grant them root access, I'm sure it is 100% safe.

    FYI, our servers are managed by phpdeveloper. Len has been great.

    Where else Steve (thelinuxguy) has often helped me via MSN when I face any minor issue which needed to be fixed immediately.

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    Hope you find someone.

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