I am having trouble compiling Apache 2.0.48 on Redhat 9

The issue at hand is the following:

I want to use the TARGET= command line feature to change the default name of the resulting Apache daemon from "httpd" to "httpsd".

I realize that I could just rename the daemon and change the apachectl command to start the daemon but it's driving me crazy as to why the feature does not seem to work as advertised. (unless of course I'm doing it wrong... which is entirely possible)

The command I'm typing on the command line is the following:

TARGET="httpsd" ./configure --enable-mod_so

From what I can tell this should create an Apache daemon with the name "httpsd" and compile in support for DSOs with the mod_so module.

When I complete the make and make install steps I check the install dir and the resulting daemon is called httpd (the default). The "TARGET=" portion of the command seems to be totally ignored.

Am I invoking the command incorrectly or is there a bug?

Thank you in advance--