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    colo in dallas/austin

    I have been hosting a few servers the last few years at theplanet in dallas. I have been extremely happy with their support but their prices have continued to increase.

    I have a couple of friends that need some space so we are trying to get a little group to cover the costs of purchasing an entire rack.

    I can maintain my own servers and have rarely used the admin at theplanet other than to ask for new dns records to be added. Actually, in two years I have never even visited their location.

    I started looking at cihost but I have not heard anyone say anything nice about them. Does anyone have anything good to say about their service? their rack deal they have is difficult to turn away.

    thanks in advance.

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    Check out they have some great offers they post here on WHT from time to time.
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    I've been with Colo4dallas for about month now and they've been great so far.

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    Level3s facility is located at:

    3180 Irving Blvd, Dallas TX 75247
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    I am using CoreNAP ( and have had a great experience with them. They have excellent uptime and are extremely nice to work with. Check them out if you are looking for something in the Austin area, though you will probably find much cheaper in Dallas.
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    I will soon be moving into the colo4dallas datacenter, so far everything has been great as far as response times and answers. Hopefully this weekend I'll get a chance to go check out the datacenter. If your interested in maybe partnering up to get a lower price then get in contact with me.. I couldn't send you a PM or e-mail due to the settings you have enabled.
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    So I guess this means the end of Foonet? Doesn't look they are restoring service for any of their former clients.

    Are you dumping IRC/shell services or is your new provider willing to handle the attacks?

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