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    Hello! I run live auctions and some of the registered users couldn't get the auction to pull up. Is this someting that is on my end or is this something that is coming from my server?

    I know I have a few angry users and if this is something I can avoid in the future I really would like some advice on how to solve this problem.

    Thank you!

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    We need more information.

    Actually, "some of the registered users . . . " sounds more of a routing issue that you couldn't control.

    Although, more detailed information would garner a more qualified response.

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    Hello Dennis,

    "Registered Users" is the customers that are signed up to view, bid and even post auctions on my site. I have it narrowed down to one IP provider that all their customers can't get on the site. I have sitemeter and it tells me which IP each person is on my site so I can really keep track who is isolated.

    The response back from the ones that can't get on to view the sites are: The pages times out or it takes them back to their search page. One of the registered users ran that dos test and it stopped at He found this site and forwared me this link.

    If you need anything else let me know..


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