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    2 websites for sell.

    We sell theses 2 websites.

    www gamblingrandomizer com

    www randomcashblaster com

    please send your offers in pm.

    thank you.

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    How many unique visitors do these sites get each month?
    How many page views?
    How much space/bandwidth?
    Page Rank?
    Alexa Rank?
    Advertising Potential?

    Once we have this information we can begin to make bids

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    A friendly warning, as I was thinking of starting a payment randomizer site of my own, but decided not to after finding PayPal's stance on those sites earlier this week. PayPal has been terminating accounts of both randomizer site owners and members recently, including that of the 9000+ member site. Apparently payment randomizers/rotators, like the sites above, are not permitted by PayPal as MLM and because there is no product or service associated with the payments being made (giving away books/tools with membership hasn't stopped owners from losing accounts).
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    Indeed, even if PayPal did allow it, I wouldn't do it because I wouldn't feel good about myself knowing that money is only being passed around for nothing.
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