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    Bandwidth Providers

    Hey folks,
    We are in the midst of the due diligence phase of researching bandwidth providers for a new data center we are building in the Sacramento area.

    Does anyone have any recommendations on bandwidth providers brokers and/or a matrix of the various bandwidth providers who offer bandwidth in my area?

    I will be wanting to start with a burstable 10mbps line or more and that can come in the form of multiple bonded T1's, a frac-T3 or larger if necessary. But I don't want to spend a massive amount of time and/or money barking up the wrong trees (some brokers look like they're just going to put me on their spam list).

    Anyone have/built a data center and have some reliable resources to share on finding an ISP with very specific requirements?
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    T1, T3 wont' give you much growth in todays' Internet. I think what you would be best off with is to find a building where multiple provider at least have fiber into (best if they have IP Routers, but usually, carriers just have their ring touching the building. ) Then you would contact the landlord to lease the space. After that, you'll need to get someone to install AC and Power equipment. When that's done, contact the provider you like and have fiber run to their gears. This is somewhat an over simplify version, but it's about what you do to build a DC.

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    You'd be better off moving closer to San Jose/SF. More choices, cheaper bandwidth.

    Seems to me like you are expecting the Mountain to move to Mohammed.

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    AT&T is running deal on their bandwith till the end of this month I think. I locked into a 2 year contact for a Nx4T1 ( 6 meg bonded) pipe for 2300 per month with a managed router from them.

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    ouch $380+/mbps for 6mbps commit on AT&T? Ofcourse thats a managed solution you said.
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    Originally posted by webtech
    ouch $380+/mbps for 6mbps commit on AT&T? Ofcourse thats a managed solution you said.
    I was wondereing i mesread anything since that doesnt seem like much of a deal.

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