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    Wanted: Established Website ($10-$20K to spend)

    I got a few offers from my last post but most never got back to me.

    I am looking for an established website that is currently earning a good amount of money. I am looking to spend anywhere from $10K to $25K.

    Please either contact me via email or PM.

    Thank you
    Brian Krassenstein

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    Last time sent you pm but you never emailed back or anything.

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    What was the site?

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    Same i emailed you as well never got a reply.

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    I also sent you a PM but never heard back a reply. Would you like to me send it again?

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    Heh, I don't think he's very good at replying to PM's. Sent you one, no reply of interest or even to say your not interested. Whats up?

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    same here sent PM but no reply.

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    Im always interested in buying websites as well, PM me.

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