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Thread: two isp's

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    two isp's

    I have a b/band ISP (
    I also have a dial up (freeserve)
    Can i connect using homechoice and publish to the other ISP using dreamweaver?

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    Welcome to WHT !

    What do you mean publish to the other isp?

    You mean you have an account with freeserve that gives you a certain amount of space?
    If so, you can surely ftp from any isp.

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    congrats on having a combination of the UK's two worst ISPs!

    as for solving your problem... what he said ^^

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    ok thanks
    yes it's a limited space web
    i've been trying but since it's feasible i'll keep trying
    thanks again

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    for any other interested users:
    i contacted freeserve and they said that they deliberately prevent uploading using another ISP connection - so maybe they are as lousy as phsion says. (cost me 50p /min to find this out)

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