Hi all,

Thanks in advance to anyone who offers any help here.

I am a complete newbie to ModernBill and DirectAdmin (not that new to hosting/linux though)

I have been round a few control panels looking for one to use and MB/DA seems to be much simpler and more reliable than any other i have looked at.. (is H-Sphere a joke?? bit overcomplicated!)

I have bought a license for DA and im using the MB 30 day trial..

Things seem to be working great and ive spent a couple of days trying to figure most of my quirks out (most of which i found answers for on this forum!!) but there are a few things left that im not sure about so im going to ask. (mostly to do with MB)


1: If you use the MB interface to change to a different package, does MB update DA? (ie, does it automatically change the package type, quota's, etc?)

2: Credit card payments... (protx is the gateway that is enabled but not configured with passwords etc.)
2a: I have MB set to not store credit card information. It does appear to store the expiry date and a few other bits of info, is this normal or is it actually storing the card details?

2b: I have placed a couple of test orders and entered my own credit card details. Since protx is not configured i expected the payment to fail but i dont see any mention anywhere of an attempt to charge the card.. since it is not supposed to store the cc numbers i assumed that it would charge the card immediately while the user was online. (ie, durin the signup process) When does it actually store the card?

2c: Those of you who use MB, do you allow MB to store card details (against their reccomendation) or are you working the same way as me?

3: When i reach the end of the signup process (im using that Vortech thing.) and i have registered a new domain name, it asks for nameservers and other domain info... can i get rid of this and make it automatically figure out the nameservers based on which server it sits the package on?

I will probably be back with more questions. (there is one at the back of my head that i know i have missed but cant remember what it was)

Many thanks to anyone who spares the time to reply, your help will be very much appreciated.

- James