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    Funky traffic auditing request.

    Okay, so there's this group of people (7) who have websites in different servers all over the place and they want to be able to audit the traffic to each different site.

    No problem, you say? Well, what they did was make another website, one that you go to to see the traffic analysis for each of the other websites.

    I'm thinking of this as a solution: Make some kind of script that would ftp each sites' log files to the audit server say, daily; each to a different directory. Then use AwStats to parse the different log files and display the results.

    The thing I using a sledgehammer to kill a fly here? Is this even possible....does AwStats have the capability to do there a simpler way to do this than constantly ftp'ing files all over the place....does some script already exist that does this?

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    A better design might be to have the audit server grab the log files each day. That way there's only one script to control. I don't know of an existing script that does this, but I've already got an backup script that uses ftp that could be modified for something like this.

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