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    cPanel question/problem urgent

    Hey, I'm having a really irritating problem on cPanel and I was wondering if anyone could help.

    Apparently, there is no contact email set. Everything was going fine until when my friend was logging in to update, he didn't remember the password so he just kept trying to log in until it brought him to a different screen where he prompted to send a new password to the contact email. So now you can log into it without a password, but you can't do anything. Any attempt to edit a file, afterward when you try to save it it simply deletes the file. You can't FTP anything, and I am stuck in my attempt to re-design my site. I've tried to set the contact email, but it doesn't do anything when I "save" it, since I'm logged in as some sort of guest.

    So I guess my question is, do I have to have my host set my email as the contact email and receive the new password, or is there something else I have to do?


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    Ask your host to set the contact email, as far as i know, in order for the reset pass feature to work the email had to be one on the domain, that was in 8.9 it might have changed in 9.0 to allow you to use any email.

    Or you could just ask your host to reset the password, that might work.

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    Having your hosts password reset option enabled for Cpanel is a security risk and should be disabled. Contact them directly and request the password be changed.
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    Contacting your host should be your first step.
    If you get nowhere with them, then come here and ask for advice/flame a little.
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