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    Custom PHP/MySQL Scripts from $10!!!

    Hi all

    I am offering custom PHP/MySQL based scripts from just $10!

    All scripts are custom made upon request

    - Email one or more email addresses of your choice with a message of your choice and/or the contents of the form filled out
    - Enter the contents of the form filled out into a MySQL database
    - Email the person who filled out the form with a message of your choice and/or the info they filled out
    - Checking a MySQL database to see if the information provided by who filled out the form (e.g. email address, name, etc.) has been used before and take an action as a result of this
    - Check that the contents of fields are filled and meet certain guidlines (e.g. an email address must contain an @ symbol and end in .com/.net/.org/etc.)

    Some ideas: Contact us form with fields asking for Name, Email, Subject, Category and Message. The category field could be a drop down list, e.g. Sales,Support,Billing,Cancellation,etc.: $10
    Order form - gets info from the client that you choose, e.g. user's name, email, phone, address, country, desired username, etc., etc.: $15
    You can contact us to request other scripts

    We will design the scripts how YOU want them designed and make them look how YOU want them to look and we will not sell your personally ddesigned scripts to anyone else.

    Additional services such as images and CSS coding will include additional fees

    Please AIM me on DoDozee if interested.


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    would it be possible to create a timetable script for an online radio station with support for timezones, etc

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