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    email question


    when a domain is created (with cpanel) on our server with domain name (for example), any emails sent to [email protected] from our server are not sent to the external email address at "" but are routed directly into the local account on our server.

    My question is:

    Is there a way to make sure than any emails sent always check the external dns records, and not check if the domain is present locally first.

    This has caused a few problems with customers not receiving emails...

    Thanks for your help,


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    So you are wanting to send the emails for the domains to a remote server? Correct? if so, have you edited the MX entry for the domain?

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    sorry, you misunderstood my question. It is hard to explain.

    I am trying to make it so that when i send an email from my server to an email address which has the same domain as a dns zone present on my server, it does not check the local dns records first. I hope you understand.

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    I'm not very familiar with Exim -- yell at me if I'm wrong. :)

    It's not checking the local DNS records first. Exim is checking the /etc/localdomains file, which tells it that the domain is local.

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    thanks very much, it would be useful for me if it searched the localdomains file after the DNS records but o well, i can just edit /etc/localdomains.

    Thanks for your help,


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