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    im looking ot sell this domain but how much should i sell it for?

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    wow... thats a good one but because its long its a put off I would say $700+

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    wow, didn't think i would be getting that much for it. I guess if anybody wants it ill sell it to you for $500. It seems like a fair price. It expires in January 05 at Namecheap. Payments done through paypal and easy push to your namecheap account.

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    its quite long, personally i dont think its worth that much maybe somewhere in the middle, i could be if its developed and recieving traffic and making money...

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    i was trying to sell it for 150 but then i saw this appraisal so i raised it, is $150 good?

    also, wat do you think would sell for? also pretty long but its a pretty good name
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    Seems like a great domain

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