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    * Domain seller

    I use modernbill. I was wondering how I would become a domain reseller and integrate it with modernbill seamlesly?

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    Signup at a rseeller like directi or enom! and then you can build it in after that, need to have a reseller account first

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    so I sign up for what kind of enom account? How would I integrate this with modernbill?

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    ahh nm I see how it works. This is really cool. So the account at enom is free? I just have to share so much money with enom for each domain sale?

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    If you're a ModernBill user already then you are eligible to get a free $7.95 eNom account from them. The integration is a walk in the park - simply refer to the manual.

    You would need to deposit a minimum of $100 with eNom which will be used for your future domain purchases, that's the only pre-requisite. You're not really sharing money with eNom per domain sale, you just pay $7.95 for every registration - this doesn't change no matter whether you charge $10 or $100 for domain registration.

    Good luck


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    You can also try out, which is owned by godaddy
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    yeah wildwestdomains is a good domain reseller and you are branded too. unlike other domain name registrar they don't need deposit from you.

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