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    Total conversion MOD for Red Alert Two in need of staff.

    Dear Web Host Talk members:

    My team and I are looking for help. We are making a total conversion MOD for Red Alert Two; the game will be converted into Halo. We are in need of many volunteers to help produce a very promising looking MOD. Please note that we need the following skilled people(s): two skinners, two modelers, and two main menu graphic designers. We will also need two to four C++ Coders, two to four Visual Basic programmers and two music artists. My team and I will also need a few volunteer concept artists. Again, please note that is volunteer work only. My team and I can not afford to pay.

    If you fill you could lend a hand in this promising project please e-mail us with the following information that is listed below.

    Job Applying for:
    Other Notes:
    Other Contact Information:

    Thank you for your interest,
    Halo: Harvest Bound Team

    Our Contact Info: [email protected]
    Hosted by: Ionix-Gaming and Gravity

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    Dear Web Host members:

    We are in need of employees. My partner has offered free webspace at his company server. Please, if you could help or lead us to someone that could help please do so. Please post your replies.

    Best Regards,
    Halo: Harvest Bound Team

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    I may do concept art

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    Cool, please send in atleast your e-mail. That way we can contact you.

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    Very cool to hear about a new MOD!

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