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    opinions of Drupal, Geeklog, Xoop?

    Before I spend several months hand coding a site in PHP I thought I'd see if anybody knows enough about Drupal, Geeklog, or Xoop to know if they can be set up for a non-blog community site that will allow all members to have their own multi-page picture gallery & personal info page, and ideally includes the ability to monitor how much space they have used up and maybe limit them to a certain max space.

    The site would also have a forum, links page, and tutorials. I'd like the forum to be either Invision, phpBB2, or yaBBse.

    I know there are other CMS programs, but at this point I've narrowed it down to those.

    I do have "4images Gallery" and "Gallery" ( available on the server, but know nothing about them.

    Sometime down the road I might want to also add eCommerce to the site (including letting members add a couple items for sale). Possibly CubeCart or osCommerce?

    I've had a look at, but I'm looking for opinions from people who actually use Drupal, Geeklog, or Xoop.

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    heard more positive about Drupal.. And Xoop is also good.. no idea abt GeekLog
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    I got a site set up for my son with Geeklog if you want to register and take a look at the user options.

    Havent really dabbled with it much but seems to be pretty nice.

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    I have used xoops, but prefer (sorry to inject another CMS into the equation) - Mambo.
    Also see

    Just my 2c
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    No PHP-Nuke?


    I too will venture to toss out another CMS -- PHP-Nuke. The reason I do is that Gallery integrates very nicely with PHP-Nuke; it's almost effortless (beyond the effort to get it set up in the first place). Setting permissions in Gallery took me some getting used-to, but now that it's up and I understand it, it's pretty nice.

    I had tried out Geeklog after seeing it in action at Groklaw, but it's just not the same. It has a nice calendar module included, but not sure how to go about including forums with that system. PHP-Nuke has phpBB included so that wasn't an issue.

    The pain with the setup I've described (which isn't all THAT painful) is that you need to set up PHP-Nuke, then set up phpBB, and also setup Gallery. That is to say, their integration only goes so far. There's nice look & feel consistency from the user perspective, but the setup is clearly standalone. Like I said, not that big a deal now that I'm accustomed to it.

    Check out Nuked Gallery for more information about using Gallery with PHP-Nuke.

    Hope this helps,

    - Leo

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    Thanks for the feedback. I spent some time this weekend in the various forums of these products and got a feel for some of the limitations of each.

    I had originally ruled out PHP-Nuke because of some comments I had seen at about how bloated and resource intensive it was, and because of the strange attitude the authors seems to have about breaking the GPL that it is supposedly released under. That part still bothers me, but I did find reviews about it that said the resource hog problems have been greatly reduced.

    It does seem to have the most flexibility and the widest amount of modules. Plus the forums are a big issue. Most of the others seem to be a pain integrating forums other than their own. I like phpBB, and use it on another site, though it has limitations too, like it's poor tracking of unread messages.

    I'll take a closer look at PHP-Nuke.


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