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    Text link on one of our PR6 sites of your choice.
    15 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    Text link on our 4 PR6 sites. (Save 30!)
    40 / Month: Subsribe, Order

    If you have any queries then don't hesitate to Contact us.

    Thank you,
    David Lindon
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    Mailed you with two sites of pr6.

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    blockman0, (PR5)

    we will give you $3 and place your company into our catalog. Everything the rest is up to you as you can spend this amount on PPC advertising (include rotation on home page)

    p.s. home page banner will cost you $30/month right now

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    Top page text ad on Geesh Website Templates

    7 days $9 / 30 Days $30
    Type in Promo Code "WHT" for the dicounted rate.


    Side page partner text ads

    30 days $25

    These are payable via PayPal to webmaster[at]

    You get:
    4 word title
    60 character text description
    optional 300 word clickable pop-up review


    10,000 geo+category targeted visitors for $35 (cost per visitor $0.0035)
    1,000 untargeted visitors for $1.75 (cost per visitor $0.00175)


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    $25 / month.

    I don't have space right now but some peoples links are expiring soon and they haven't got back to me yet about renewing...

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    My site is , we have a PR of 6 with over 1000 visitors per day of highly targeted traffic.
    We can sell you a link for $40 a month, listed on all pages including the front page.
    Space is limited so let me know ASAP if you will take it.
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  8. #8 - let me know if your interested
    Kevin Muldoon - Blogging, WordPress, Internet Marketing
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    My site has PR5 and you can have a link (or logo advertisement) on the home page for $15 per month.

    Please let me know if you are interested.


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