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    Do I need a Dedicated Server?

    Hi, I own a Web Based MMORPG located at..

    I am getting about 18gb of traffic a month, and well this month I will definately max out.

    For this situation should I go dedicated, or should I just stick to Shared Hosting.

    Then again I could always get like 3 shared hosting plans, and just switch to another when the current gets maxed out lol.

    Any ideas on my situation?


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    Shared plans. Dedicated servers are harder to administrate that it seems.

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    18GB traffic and you want dedicated server?

    i'd say go for bigger plans that gives 50GB traffic or so

    maybe reseller plan with 200GB ?
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    There are PLENTY of QUALITY hosts out there that can offer shared hosting packages supporting over 18GB of bandwidth for a very reasonable price. You also wont have to deal with the management of your own server, or having to pay someone to do it for you.

    You can use WHT to find a quality company by doing a little research.

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    The best choice would be to find a shared hosting plan that fit your needs. You will then not have to worry about server upgrades and so on. In the long run will you save time and money.

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    I'd check out a host like or something like with bandwidth up to 90GB per plan.
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    here you could find a nice package

    the smaller plan has 15 GB of bandwidth, just go one a little bigger, they have good plans..

    or a virtual dedicated or a reseller account could be helpful too n_n at or

    even shared like the smaller package offers 40 GB of transfer

    you don't need a whole server, no need to spend that much money yet

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    or with their generous bandwidth
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    :: VDSP.Net :: Directory of virtual and dedi serv providers by location and price

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    As what these gentleman have said, i think a large reseller is what you want.

    Dedicated servers are too hard to manage.

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    I agree with previous posts that shared web hosting is just thing you need. Some figures - you'll be able to find shared web host (with bandwidth more than 18GB/month) with fee less than $100/year, as far as dedicated hosting would be much more expensive - usually more than $100/month.

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    How about a VDS plan ?
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