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    Could anybody help me and recommend a good server?

    Below I want to rent specification Server
    -Intel Dual Xeon 2.4 GHz Packages
    -2 GB RAM
    -36GB or 73GB SCSI Hard Drive
    -1000~1500GB Monthly Transfer
    -cPanel for Red Hat Enterprise or Red Hat 9.0 Control Panel
    -99.9% uptime

    I don't have price limit,Most important are speed and stabily

    Hope You Guy could recommend that kind to Taiwan and mainland China segment
    speed very quick Server ~

    Example:nLayer is good but Need more like that

    I Know HostAny/atrivo Use their Network
    But they don't have good Support and SCSI Hard Disk!!

    Please Give me some suggestion, Thank U!!

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    Hyperthreading makes 4 CPU's
    cPanel Included FREE!

    1 GB RAM (ECC Registered)
    73 GB SCSI
    80 GB IDE
    2000 GB Transfer/month


    Is that good for you?
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