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    * Expert Admin Fix' Anything: Solve all CPanel/Unix/Linux/DNS/Apache/PHP/MySQL/Helpdesk

    I have 6+ years of heavy experience in the server and web hosting market, including managing system security and hack-proofing webservers.

    I am looking for full-time or part-time position as a senior Unix admin, supporting all Unix/Windows servers, as well as Helpdesk tickets and LiveChat.

    I specialize in PHP/MySQL projects including custom CPanel/WHM extensions; I can customize and add new features to Modernbill / Perlbill / PHPManager or create a whole billing system customized to your needs.

    What I can do:
    - Fix any server problems that you may have
    - Create custom scripts such as automatic login to CPanel/Ensim/Plesk/other, all from 1 login form.
    - Setup your current/new servers, configure DNS, apache, mysql, control panels, helpdesk, streaming media server, etc.
    - Modify and add features to ModernBill, PHPManager, or any PHP/MySQL/perl based program
    - Install/upgrade/troubleshoot any (!) Linux/FreeBSD and windows software quickly and efficiently
    - Provide remote tech-support via Helpdesk or LiveChat
    - Analyze and secure your server/network against DOS attacks/spam/warez bandwidth wasters/hackers
    - Optimize http/mysql/cpu/memory load for better performance.
    - Emergency solutions and immediate support available
    Tehnologies I work with:
    - WHM/CPanel
    - PHP/MySQL
    - CGI/Perl
    - Plesk, Ensim, Alabanza
    - Linux Redhat, Slackware, Debian, FreeBSD 4.x/5.x
    - Windows 2000/NT/.NET, IIS server

    I work quickly and efficiently. I can do single jobs and recurring or monthly contracts.

    AIM: WhiteCollar18
    MSN: [email protected]
    ICQ: 263147439
    YIM: [email protected]
    AIM:WhiteCollar18 - MSN:[email protected]
    YIM:[email protected]

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    Matt I have tried to contact you several times on ICQ and MSN are you still about ?

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