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    Question Registered, Started designing the commercial website but....


    I am new to this forum. I have visited this site before but today only i registered my name.
    I have registered a domain name for my city.
    its a commercial site. May be within 2 or 3 months i will finish the site and i will host(have to search low asp hosting).
    from that time onwards how can i get advertisements.
    There is no website for my site. Mine is the only one.
    So how can i get the advertisements, banners. etc...
    To get the money which i spent for the domain reg. and webhosting.
    Also if i have a commercial website i have pay tax???
    So kindly clarify all my doubts and suggest me to earn the money which im going to spent for the hosting and domain reg.

    Thanks & Regs

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    You probably should have thought of these things before you spent your money.

    Unless you have a high traffic site you are not going to make any money with it.
    My advice would be to make the site worth visiting. Build a good search engine ranking, get a lot of unique hits and then start thinking about making money with it.

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    Yes, as blue27 wrote, this is the way you earn money from an information site. You can also ask your local business persons, traders and other institutions to sponsor your site. You could offer them advertisements.. Since your site seems to be catering to local viewers, you can also have some paid classifieds directory/city search sort of things on your site.
    Also there are various affiliate progams you can join after having completed your site.
    Wholesale Domain Prices for Retail Customers -

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    Advertisers pay for people to see their ads, or to get people to visit their site. Until you have a site that has a fair number of visitors, you don't have anything to offer to advertisers.

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    Thank you all for the advice.
    How to get the Search engine top ranking?
    Can anyone explain about it?


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