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    Advice On Choosing The Right Host

    After seeing quite a few posts from people asking questions like "which host would you recommend?" and "shall I go with this hosts?", I've decided to post a mini-guide on choosing the right host.

    First Step
    Do you research, either on forums (here!) or hosting review sites. There are goods and bads about all hosts. Make sure you find one that fits your needs and has good support and a solid company base. Also check the following:

    1. Whois Record
    2. The Uptime SLA
    3. Refund Policy
    4. Uptime Graphs.
    5. Do a search on here to read reviews about the company.
    6. Depending on your budget try to stay away from very cheap hosts as they tend to oversell and not survive for long.
    7. Time in Business
    8. Datacenter they use
    9. Features you would like, and features that they offer.
    10. Average support time.

    Second Step
    After you've done your research, send a set questions to your potential host such as:

    1. How long have you been in business?
    2. How many employees?
    3. How many techs/admins?
    4. What times are the techs/admins available?
    5. How is support handled?
    6. What is the turnaround time on support questions?
    7. How do you stay in contact with customers during downtime?
    Do you have an alternate support site/helpdesk/emal?
    8. What datacenter are the servers in?
    9. What are the server specs?
    10. What makes your company unique?
    11. Why should I choose your company?

    Third Step
    When you do find one, don't use unlimited, make sure your offer is within reason, and not unlimited. This also appilies for hosts offering large amounts of space for small amounts of money. Unless you know they are a well known company I suggest you dont go with them.

    Fourth Step
    Check if the host has a money back policy or even if you can have a trial period. Also remember to read the host's TOS and AUP as you won't regret it later on.

    Fifth Step (Optional)
    When you do choose a host, post a review for all of us to see and come back and tell us what you think of them!

    Hope that this is of some use. If you would like to add or change anything please do so.
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    Well, can tell you're new around here because most people know that uptime guarantees aren't worth the pixels they're written in. Lots of things in step one are repeated in step 2, 3 and 4 and any host that is serious will not let someone on a server without paying first.

    Apart from that, everything else is standard and a touch too WHT orientated for me. Also good to search and Google for reviews and surf a webhost's forum for a few days to see how they interact and communicate. You can be pretty sure that google and the own host's forum will produce some excellent results and you can be also sure that WHT is teeming with false "reviews" and "testimonials".
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    I agree NexDog...great response.
    I tell you I would not want to be a newbie and end up here looking for webhosting! While I think this forum contains some useful info, there is also a lot of un-necessary fluff that gets posted and in turn overwhelms a beginner.
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    And registering your domain from company other than your hosts is also a good practice as per me bcoz domain needs to be isolated from hosting controversies
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    Just to add my 2 cents worth;

    I would rephrase the comment about an uptime guarantee. They can be good as long as there is real cash being refunded and they are not riddled with scheduled maintenance exclusions.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with registering a domain with a web host as long as you do not need the host to administer your domain name. Many times registering a domain with a host makes it much easier for the host to help new clients learn their way around control panels and domain administration "How-to's".

    At WHT there is no question there is a lack of quality hosting reviews here. Most of the members that have been here for any length of time have seen so many positive reviews that were *encouraged* that they tend to be pretty critical and hold the thread starters accountable for posting positive reviews. Which is not necessarily a bad thing.

    The world of hosting doesn't revolve around WHT. There are probably thousands of quality hosts that have plenty of happy clients who have never even heard of WHT. This place is not the definitive source for finding a quality host. In my opinion WHT is a far better resource to learn how to choose a host than to expect any host found here would automatically be great.

    In my opinion finding the perfect host has much less to do with knowing which host is great, it has everything to do with knowing what you need to have and expect to receive. Know what you are looking for and what your needs are and then look for a host that matches up well with your requirements. Be thorough with your questions and don't discard your common sense to save a buck or two a month.

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